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  • The cost of individual trainings starts at 53 rubles, the cost of group training starts at 109. Click on the image for more info

  • Tennis is a fusion of dynamics, power and intelligence

  • Tennis is not just a sport or a hobby, tennis is a whole life, a whole world!

  • Do you want to have a champion in your family? Then you may start to prepare your child for future sports records from the age of three

  • Usually, children begin to attend tennis classes at the age of five

Welcome to the site of Tennis Club Kort!

There you may find some useful information, as well as take part in the life of our modern club.

Big-time tennis in Minsk begins at our courts! Unassisted trainings, group classes for you and your children: these are the main fields of our activity. Do you seek where to play tennis in Minsk? Check the addresses of our courts here.

We wait for you at our courts every day!

It is long since you want to play tennis but you can’t pull yourself together? Then this article is for you!


This article will tell you about outfit necessary to play tennis and about the other things you need to start!


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Do you know nothing about the rules of tennis? This article will tell you about them!



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